Hey Dr. Joe

Let me just start by saying that I really like and enjoy wearing my mouth guard. I like the fact that it is a bottom piece and that it is small enough where I do not really notice it during activities. As far as performance goes, the biggest difference I have noticed comes when I am lifting heavy weights. I have noticed that it is easier for me to be powerful through lifts and getting myself out of sticking points. For example, driving out of the bottom position of a square has become significantly easier with the mouth guard. As far as sledging goes I am pretty sure I have y mouth half open the entire time so it is hard for me to receive the same benefits. All in all I am very happy with the mouthguard and would definitely recommend it to fellow athletes. 

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to use your product, I truly appreciate your generosity. 

Best Regards

Tom Santagato - USA Skeleton