Hey Doc Joe!

Thanks again for all your help with the mouthguard.I am so sorry it took so long to write back. I started this email and then left for races and completely forgot. So, please accept my apology.

I have not been doing as much heavy lifting as out season started pretty quickly after i received my mouth guard. I did PR my power clean by about 9 kilos since wearing the mouth guard. So thank! I really enjoy wearing the Guar while I am squatting and that is where I feel it is most beneficial, when I am coming out of the bottom of the squat.

I have also been wearing the mouth guard while racing. I just fixed my helmet so I am excited to try the mouthguard without any helmet issues. I did however notice that breathing was much easier while I was wearing it compared to my old mouthguard. Besides that, the mouth guard has become a staple in my training. I am really excited to get back into a better lifting/sprinting routine to really see what it can do. 

I’ll keep you updated on the mouth guard with the new helmet.

THANKS AGAIN! I really do love your product.

Morgan Tracey - USA Bobsled