Jazmine Felinator//USA Bobsled


Although I have not “officially” suffered or been diagnosed with a concussion I have no doubts that I suffered from a small/moderate one in my career of bobsled over the last few seasons. I see everyone whom has been fitted sporting their mouthguard but I will reiterate how important it is. Being fitted by Dr. Joe was awesome. I had heard how great is by other athletes and lean, but after meeting him experiences his car, education, and true dedication to helping athletes perform top notch personally. He took the time to explain the process, the goals and history of mouth guard and more. Was even better is he had guards for athletes he fitted on his last trip and used them as demonstration for numerous test for live proof as well.

Can’t wait for further results as I wear the mouth guard more and more, will keep the updates up.

Jazmine Felinator - USA Bobsled