Dental Implants Burlington

Dental Implants can be a very comfortable and attractive way to replace a lost tooth or teeth. Advancements in both material science and design have allowed multiple configurations to be employed when devising a solution for the patient. They would act as an alternative to a bridge, denture or partial and they have the look and feel of a natural tooth. The implant itself is normally a titanium object that is surgically inserted into your jawbone to act like the root of a natural tooth. Because titanium isn’t recognized by the body’s immune system, there isn’t risk of it being rejected the way other materials may be. There are many advantages to having a dental implant placed including: stable biting pressure, promotes proper chewing, eliminates shifting of teeth, no dealing with loose dentures or adhesives, improved speech, customized comfort and fit, the look and feel of natural teeth, increased self confidence, and much more!