What will my first experience be like in your office? 

After a warm welcome, you are conducted to an examination room where an in-depth dental examination is administered.  The dentist then studies the results from the examination that culminates in a variety of treatment options to restore dental health. The final and most important stage is consultation between informed patient and caring dentist which results in the delivery of treatment based on the consent of the patient. 


Why is it important for me to ask questions about my treatment? 

It is important because it is necessary for you to understand your diagnosis based on thorough examinations. It is to your benefit to become an informed advocate for your dental health and to understand your treatment options whenever they are presented. 


Is it necessary to seek a second opinion?

At our office, we welcome our patient's questions and do our best to ensure that they are well educated about their own dental health. To promote our patient's absolute comfort  in consenting to treatment we have advised, we encourage patients who so desire to seek a second opinion.